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Street Dance Minis (3-6yrs, boys & girls)

An introduction to Street Dance focusing on the basic steps and tricks, rhythmic development and musical interpretation. This class is great for any budding performers and builds confidence in a very positive way.

Street Dance (3 different age groups and Boys Only classes available)
In these classes we teach all the different Street Dance styles from Hip Hop to Break Dance to Commercial and many more. We practice all the up-to-the minute tricks and moves whilst having tonnes of fun doing it! Whether you're serious to push your talents or just want to have some fun with friends there really is something for everyone at STREET DANCE!

Modern Contemporary

A mix of Ballet and Jazz technique Modern Contemporary works on strength, flexibility and musical interpretation enabling dancers to apply emotion to their work no matter the musical genre. One moment we are expressing our creativity through Lyrical styles, the next dancing to a vibrant jazzy beat.

Musical Theatre (7-14yrs, boys & girls)
Become a ‘triple threat’ with HDDC’s Musical Theatre classes. By combining acting, singing and dancing these classes are perfect for building confidence, channelling inner talents and having a great time doing it.

The foundation of all dance, Ballet provides our students with technique and strength. Working on both syllabus and free movement our Ballet classes keep students engaged and having fun.

Acro Gymnastics (7-12yrs, boys & girls)
A fusion of dance and gymnastics this class is great for any children wishing to take their dance to the next level. Learning tricks, tumbles and how to use the Gymnastic apparatus; there’s a lot to keep students busy here!

Adult Dancercise (16yrs+)

Keep fit the fun way with HDDC’s Adult Dancercise! Explore different Dance based fitness techniques tackling everything from cardio to conditioning. Whether you’re the serious minded or just want have some fun, this class has something for everyone!

Strictly Come Darley (18yrs+)

A fun, steady paced adults’ class covering all styles of Ballroom Dance from Jiving to the Waltz. Couples of all abilities welcome.

Adults Commercial Dance (16yrs+)
Commercial is a strong, sassy style with elements of street dance and sometimes jazz. A lot of the dancers on music videos and MTV are classed as commercial dancers. Routines will be danced to the latest pop, r n b and chart music. Not only will you learn how to strut your stuff like a true diva the class is great for getting fit and boosting self-confidence!

Adult DISCOcise

Keep fit the fun way with HDDC’s DISCOcise! Simple dance based fitness tackling everything from cardio to conditioning whilst raving it up to music from the 80’, 90’s, 00’s & Now. Busting a groove with glow sticks in a darkened room with Disco & UV lights to really get the party started!


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